Two days trip to Gozo island

Gozo is the sister island of Malta and is the main destination for weekend retreats for the locals, or a very popular destination for daily excursions. Here is my two days trip to Gozo island and I really hope you find some use of it.

Gozo island victoria

Getting to Gozo

I always recommend travelling to Gozo as early as you can. You need to make your travel plans depending on your departing location. Since I live in Msida, the best way for us was to catch a bus to Cirkewwa and then wait for the ferry which in thirty minutes takes you to Gozo. From the central part, it can take more than one hour to reach the port of Cirkewwa. We used bus X1. The ferry goes on every 45 minutes, and the interesting thing is that you don’t have to pay when you go to Gozo, but when you coming back from Gozo. One way is free of charge.

Victoria Gozo

Gozo Accommodation

We are kind of people that don’t need anything very fancy so we are able to enjoy it. I opened and I looked for the cheapest opportunity we have. Electra Guest House came up and for the price of 65 euros, offering enjoyment close to the sea, it was like exactly what we needed. The guest house is located in Marsalforn, a very small village in the north of the island. It is less than 1-hour walk from the capital Victoria. The accommodation has a very nice location and it offers a very nice view. Upon our arrival we paid 10 euros extra to get an upgrade to a sea view and balcony, it was worthy for sure, but the three of us ended up sleeping on a small double bed since that was the only thing available, and the staff didn’t care to make it more comfortable. We had breakfast included, but we had to pay electricity if we wanted the AC to cool us down.

What to see in Gozo

The two days were planned well. Upon our arrival at the port of Mggar we took a bus to the capital Victoria. In Victoria, we enjoyed the streets of the city and the wonderful Cittadella. In the afternoon we went to Ramla bay and in the evening we explored Marsalforn. There wasn’t much to do, to be honest, and after 9 we couldn’t find any open shop to buy tobacco. The next day since we left Marsalforn we headed ourselves to Dwejra, to admire the Azure Window and the rest of the attractions there. Everything was simply amazing.

What to do in Gozo

Walk, walk, walk. Gozo is so peaceful and green. Comparing to Malta it is definitely much quieter and kind of different. It made me feel like a real tourist and it filled my soul with unexplained feelings of peace and tranquillity. We admired the architecture also and all the flowers decorating the houses and giving the colourful look of this place. We admired the heights from different places, and we let our ears listen to the Mediterranean sounds. We went on a boat trip around the cliffs of Dwejra Bay, we swam in the water of the inland sea. We ate some good food and we, I mean I, presented the most spectacular sunrise in my life.

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