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Visit Casa Rocca Piccola - Tour through history

Visit Casa Rocca Piccola

Casa Rocca Piccola is a museum palace of a noble Maltese family, dating from the 16th century. It has been on my list for a long time, and finally, I visited it. It was an interesting trip back in history.

I went with my friend, and I had my camera. This palace is located in Valletta down Republic Street. No way that you could miss it, there are big flags waving saying "Casa Rocca Piccola". You can buy the tickets inside for 9 euros per person. You also get a tour guide. Backpacks were not allowed, since you can break something. So I had to leave mine in their old locker.

About Casa Rocca Piccola

This house was built in the time while Valletta was building, in 1580 to be more precise. Since then it was the home of the noble Maltese family De Piro. The house - the palace is one of two houses built by  Admiral Don Pietro la Rocca. At that time this was the only house that had a garden, and it was called  "la casa con Giardino". The first lord was a merchant who was very rich and he traded around the Mediterranean Sea. The house was inherited over the years and there is a long history behind it. In the beginning, it was much bigger, but in the 18th century, it was divided into two houses. Today the members of de Piro family has converted the palace into a museum that attracts many tourists. The palace is amazing, and it is a wonderful idea of being a museum house.

I will take you on a walk around Casa Rocca Picola through the pictures I made. If I had a whole day here, and If I was allowed to do and touch things around, the tour would have been perfect. Not that I did not, but it wasn't enough.

Casa Rocca Piccola Old watch
This was the first room we saw. We didn't hear much about it because the tour was in front of us. But see by yourselves how old it looks like

Casa Rocca Piccola Old watch Interior
Baroque decorations

Casa Rocca Piccola
In the living room. The rooms are facing the Republic Street, the main street in Valletta, and Saint Domenic Street

Casa Rocca Piccola private chapel
The private Chapel

Casa Rocca Piccola  dinning room chair table
The dining room 

Casa Rocca Piccola Dinning plates
For the finest dining

Casa Rocca Piccola old pharmacy
Small pharmacy shelf

Casa Rocca Piccola desk chair
A working desk

Casa Rocca Piccola old glasses
The oldest glasses I've seen so far

Casa Rocca Piccola old bedroom
The "plate" that the lady is holding is for shaving

Casa Rocca Piccola Interior

Casa Rocca Piccola Interior pictures frames
One f the many walls with pictures. There is also an invitation for the coronation of the Queen Elizabeth II

Casa Rocca Piccola pictures frames
The Maltese clock with one arrow. As I understood there is only on more like this left.
Casa Rocca Piccola old furniture antique
The Blue Room with the secret door

Casa Rocca Piccola antique dinning table
The noble dining room. This was one of the best rooms. I was afraid to move around :)

Casa Rocca Piccola antique dinning table
The noble dining room. This was one of the best rooms. I was afraid to move around :)

The room that I liked was the archive with the books dating from 400 years ago. We were forbidden to take pictures there. But at least there was a girl entering something from a book on an excel sheet, and I took a closer look at the book. I wish I could grab it and go. The tour lady told us that they are working on digitizing all the books they have. There were many around the walls on the shelves. Wish I knew what are they hiding.

The back garden. From here you can reach the world war shelter, which is very creepy and makes you feel weird

parrot animal bird
And this my dear friend is Kuku (that was its name I think). You may take some pictures of him, or with him. But don't touch it, it may bite you :)

I don't want to give away all the information I god. Some of you may really visit it, some of you have already done it. Whatever is your opinion feel free to comment? Read more of my stories on Travel Story Post.