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Best attractions in Malta and Gozo

Best attractions in Malta and Gozo

Malta is becoming a very popular destination for the tourists offering its beautiful architecture and cute towns, boat trips and an amazing sea, cliffs that offer wonderful views, and local restaurants and bars hosted by very friendly people. Beach days and sightseeing in Malta, combined with the relaxing atmosphere of Gozo make it a perfect holiday. Here are some of the best attractions in Malta and Gozo.

Best attractions in Malta and Gozo


Malta's capital, Valletta the most beautiful city on the island, is a remarkable city. The city is only 1 km long and 600 m wide, and every street leads to the sea. There is so much beauty around, and every house dates from the 16th of the 17th century. Many traditional balconies are pecking above each street, and it brings great uniqueness to it. In the last few years, it feels like the city has exploded, and in every corner, you will find a new shop, bar, restaurant, or hotel opening. Even though it is that small, many attractions and museums can be found to explore. I must mention the street artists who add to the beauty of the city. Book a tour in Valletta, this city is one of the best attractions in Malta. 

Valletta Malta city

St John's Co-Cathedral

St John's Co-Cathedral lies in the heart of Valletta, and what it hides inside, makes it a story of its own. There are old baroque gold and lavish decoration in the interior, which is a real masterpiece one must visit when in Valletta. All the wall is covered in gold design, and the floor is a carpet of many colored marble tombs. Here you can see one of the greatest works of Carravagio, The beheading of John.

St John's Co-Cathedral Church Valletta Malta


The honey-colored city is located on top of a hill in the middle of the Island. The old capital of Malta. It is a treasure of museums, artifacts, and some of the most beautiful churches in Malta. It is also known as the Silent City since everything during the night is closed and the city is empty. Today it also attracts many tourists because some of Game of Thrones scenes were filmed here. Book your three-hour tour in Mdina.

Mdina Malta

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Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples

These prehistoric temples are a structure to be admired. They have a great location near the cliffs overlooking the open sea and the isolated  Filfla. There are many hiking trails around which will let you admire this ancient site. 

Hagar Qim Malta temples

Marsaxlokk & St Peter's Pool

The fisherman village in the south is quite popular among people. It is highly recommended because of the big market every Sunday, and because there are many restaurants offering a fresh variety of fish and seafood. Very close to it is the naturally formed pool known as St Peter's Pool, which is becoming a must for every adventurous tourist. It has great high rocks from where people jump directly into the pool.

Marsaxlokk boats sea Malta

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto represents a system of caverns that you can explore by boat. When the city is calm, it has amazing turquoise water, which makes it crystal clear for the corals to be explored. It is also a very popular diving destination.

Blue Grotto Cliffs Nature Sea Malta

Book a tour to Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk.

Mellieha Bay

Up in the North is one of the best sandy beaches on the island of Malta. The sand is very soft and the water is very clear. All around you can find many sunbeds and umbrellas. This beach is also a great destination for water sports lovers.

Mellieha Bay

Blue Lagoon

The uninhabited island of Comino is one great attraction to be visited. The Blue Lagoon. This place is great for only looking at the view. The water is so clear that it is irresistible not to take a swim. Every day there are taxi boats that can take you to the Lagoon. Be aware that in the summer it can be so crowded that is very hard to find a spot for your towel. Book your cruise here.

Blue lagoon Malta


In the capital of the island of Gozo, Victoria, there is an old Citadel peaking above all the other buildings. These buildings are remains from the Arabs centuries ago. This is a well-kept historical place, that is great to explore. Inside you may find museums, a church, some shops, bars, and restaurants.

citadel gozo top 10 attraction malta


Maltese waters are known for their diving beauty. The underwater life is so rich that it attracts divers from many parts of the world. You may find organized tours that will take you to some of these diving attractions. The experience is definitely with it. Here are the best 5 places for diving in Malta.

blue hole gozo malta top 10 attractions

Here are the best attractions in Malta and Gozo. The list can go on, but these are the main things you should have on your mind when visiting Malta.

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