Game of Thrones filming locations - Mdina & Rabat

Game of Thrones filming locations - Mdina & Rabat

Game of Thrones filming locations

All the fans of Game of Thrones must know that some of the scenes of season 1 were filmed in Malta. There are several Game of Thrones filming locations in Malta and also Gozo which can be seen in the scenes of the serial, like the one that took place in Kings Landing, and the Dotraki weeding and Essos.

Today I had some time off to explore, so I went to Mdina and Rabat, and took some photos where the famous scenes were filmed. I have been many times to Mdina, but this was quite an exiting journey. I did some print-shots from the episodes and I will show you the difference in the movie set and the reality. For a moment the awareness that the actors were there brought an amazing feeling.

I began with the main gate of Mdina, which in the series presents one of the entrance of King's Landing. Over here is filmed the scene in the third episode Lord Snow, when Catherine Stark arrives in the capital.

Game of Thrones filming locations - Mdina & Rabat
This is one of the most popular historical gate in Malta. Mdina is the old capital of Malta and has an amazing history. Being one of Game of thrones filming locations, makes it even more attractive.

Game of Thrones filming locations - Mdina & Rabat
Right where Catherine Stark entered the King's Landing.

Game of Thrones filming locations - Mdina & Rabat
The guards of King's Landing who welcomed Catherine to the city and took her to Littlefinger's brothel. I sow only lost tourists. :)
Game of Thrones filming locations - Mdina & Rabat
Once you enter Mdina you will recognise this place. Welcome to King's Landing.

Next you will see the place where another scene was filmed, presenting the Littlefinger's brothel. Over here was also filmed a scene form the third episode, when Ned Stark goes to meet his wife.

 Entrance at the brothel. The colour was different 8 years ago.


Game of Thrones filming locations - Mdina & Rabat
 In front of the brothel, when Jamie Lannister comes to threaten Ned Stark. You can see this scene in the fifth episode of first season The Wolf and the Lion

A found out that another scene was filmed at St Dominic's Convent in Rabat. I've never been here so this was a wonderful opportunity.

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 Cersei and Ned Stark talking in the seventh episode in the first season You win of you die. I couldn't find the right corner since the entrance to the garden was closed. I took my photo from far. But I do believe a lot is changed since the filming of the scenes.


Malta 'Game of Thrones Filming locations' Tour

Malta is considered as great place for movie sets. It offers variety of scenery from medieval  and baroque style, and many other spectaculars landscapes and historical moments. I fint this an interesting thing to do, so I hope in the near future I visit other filming locations and I will share them with you. I've already visited most of the places. Take a look at Assasin's Creed scene preparation photos that I took in Valletta.

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