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Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague

Christmas has always been magical experience no matter where you are.The Christmas in Prague has it's own spirit. Start from the thing that Santa Claus is not in the centre of the activities, but many other things.

Christmas markets
Christmas Stalls Prague

Currently the most popular thing in Prague are the Christmas Markets. A fairy tale markets on the squares around the Old Town. The biggest one is on The Old Town Square, followed by the on at Wenceslas Square.  They are open daily and bring winter wonderland and and festive atmosphere.

Christmas decorations Prague

There are many decorated wooden stalls selling handcrafts, glassware, jewelry, wooden toys, wooden dolls and many food specialities. Everything in a Christmas spirit and with many lights around. On The Old Town Square there is a very big Christmas tree, which makes everything so magical. You can even find an animal stable with sheep, goats and donkey to feed.
Horse animal
Feed the horse

Chicken Prague Christmas MArket
Wanna take a picture with this two?

Christmas Souvenirs

Christmas decorations
Different kinds of Christmas decorations

Christmas food and drinks

All around the Old Town,not only on the Christmas Markets, you can find a variety of traditional street food and drinks. There are many things that you won't resist, and you would definitely want to taste them. You will see stables selling sausages, hot dog, grilled cheese, trdelnik, home-made chips, lenuse and more. Very popular is the hot wine, hot apple drink and medovina. Medovina is a honey drink which is next on my list.

Hot Mead Christmas drink honey drink
Honey products

Drinks Stall
A place to grab some hot wine, apple drink and much more

The Prague sausage is very popular, but also tasty with a lot of fats :D

A girl selling grilled cheese
A girl selling grilled cheese

Manufacturing Trdelnik very sweet pastry
Making of Trdelnik very sweet pastry

The most famous food for the Christmas diner, among the Czech, is the fish Carp. You can find this kind of fish from the street sellers. The fish is prepared in bread crumbs, served with potatoes salad. The main desert is an apple strudel or a sweetbread known as vánočka.

Christmas in Prague

24th of December is considered as a quite day in Prague, since many of the people stay home with their families and celebrate the holiday. On the other hand this facts makes the day wonderful for exploring Prague. Most of the tours on this day are offered in the morning, and only small number of bars and restaurant will be open. So plan well if you want to spend the day around the city.

                                 Christmas Tree

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Marry Christmas