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Life on Karlova Street Prague Old Town

Pragie Czech republic old city life on Karlova

One of the most known things in Prague is definitely Charles Bridge. A bridge build in 14th century, which connects the two sides of the city, divided by the river Vltava. On the east side is the Old Town of Prague. This part offers some of the main tourist attractions, and is quite busy all the time. The main street leading from Charles bridge towards the centre of the Old Town, is Karlova Street.  I had the pleasure to be living on Karlova Prague Old Town for a while, and enjoy all the pros and cons that it brings. 

Old city Prague
The view from the window. The street leading towards Charles Bridge.


Life on Karlova Prague Old Town

 It couldn’t be more central, and everything couldn’t be closer. Down the street there are many restaurants and different kinds of shops. Your look will definitely go from side to side, and you will be willing to enter every single shop.

St Clementin Cathedral Prague
St Clementin Cathedral

Local shop Prague
Local Shop

Russian Dolls Matryoshka
Russian Dolls Matryoshka
I must admit that Karlova is very loud. Starting from early in the morning, ending up late in the night, there are crowds of tourists on the street heading to the most popular attractions.  All the time you can hear hundreds of voices coming from the crowd. The windows from the apartment where I used to live were looking to the Cathedral of St Clementin. Over here there are some events almost every night, and sometimes I enjoyed the melody coming from there.
Marrionette Theatre Wooden Carving under window
Marionette Theatre 

We often had serenades under our windows. Walking on the street you can notice a lot of street artists, but also beggars.
Karlova Street Prague Old Town

The building I lived in was very old, and around there were many interesting places which may attract you. You will get an unforgettable experience just by walking through the streets presenting Baroque, Rococo and Art Nouveau style.

Life on Karlova Prague old town pass way corridor
The pass way to the apartment 

Godot Art gallery sign Prague Old Town
Godot Art gallery

Disco Duck Shop Prague Old town
Disco Duck Shop 

The backyard
The backyard
Very close you can find stops for the metro, the train or the buses.

Nearby attractions

On 500 m from Karlova there is the Old Town Square surrounded by many bars and restaurants, stalls, the Astronomical clock, dating from 1338, the house of Kafka and St Nicolas Church, which is considered as one Prague’s most appreciated and visited places, the Gothic church and many other buildings and shops, which will definitely keep your look.
The Church of Our Lady before Tyn at Old Town Square in Prague
The Church of Our Lady before Tyn at Old Town Square in Prague

Christmas Market Prague Old Town Czech Republic
Christmas Market

House Minute Franz Kafka Prague
 Franz Kafka the writer lived in this building, from 1889 to 1896. It is called the House at the Minute, near Old Town Square.
Prague Old Town Christmas

Beside this square, in the Old Town, there are some more. The other popular one is Wenceslas Square. A very long and wide boulevard, which is a ground of every kind of person. It is also surrounded by many shops and brands.
Wenceslas Square Prague
Wenceslas Square

Nearby is TESCO. Being that it was Christmas time, the prices were going crazy. In here the prices are not so high, and I will recommend it for a grocery shopping. On the street you can find a lots of stalls selling a variety of street food, and other crafts.
Christmas Market Prague Stalls
Christmas Market Stalls

On the other side, after you pass Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle is just 20 minute by foot. This part is considered as Mala Strana, and it also offers many things to admire to.

In my opinion this is one of the best places for tourists to stay, but not for a long let. It is too crowded and noisy, and everything is much more expensive. But it is the best place to enjoy the best of Prague.

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