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Visit Kozjak - North Macedonia

Kozjak North Macedonia mountains

Another amazing place to visit in North Macedonia, my home country, is Kozjak lake and the mountains around. Truly an amazing thing to do. How clear the power of the mountain becomes once you are there. Macedonia has an breathtaking nature, and the world needs to know about it. If something is amazing there, that is it.

Trip to Kozjak lake and the mountains

Kozjak is a man made lake on the west side of the country, between  "Suva Gora" on the west and the Natural Reserve "Jasen" on the east.The lake is long 32 km, it is wide 400 m and it is deep around 132 m.

To reach from Skopje to Kozjak it takes around 40 minutes. On the road you can spend your time enjoying the landscape all around. We reached to a certain place, where we left our car and continued our way by food. 

Kozjak North Macedonia Mountain sky tree

Kozjak North Macedonia Mountain sky tree
 I felt amazingly calm and peaceful. I really liked all the silence around me and the beauty in front of my eyes. The air was so clean and I could breath all the purity of it.
After this we took a short walk in the woods. I was hopping to find some mushrooms, but no luck with that. For me it was a perfect way of bonding with everything around me and a food for my soul. I wish we could do camping on a place like this, but Malta is far from this kind of natural beauty.

Kozjak nature
I found this berries, we call them Shipinki (Шипинки), but I don't know their English name.

Jasen Natural Reserve Kozjak North Macedonia
Jasen Natural Reserve
We chilled a bit more. Everyone was quite and everyone enjoyed the comfortable silence. I am in love with the mountains and I am happy that I spend some time here. Wish I could spend a whole week on a place like this. I would go running naked around :D

I really hope you all had the opportunity to visit a mountain recently and experienced the feelings like mine. Feel free to share your place and experience.

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