Buskett Garden. The greenest place on Malta

Buscet Garden is a woodland garden which represents the greenest place on Malta. It really looks like a fairy-tale garden, and knowing that it was build by the knights makes it even more mystical. It is located in Siggiewi, and today is a popular picnic location.

History of Buskett garden

I discovered that the garden has its origin since the post Roman period. The amazing info for me was that it was used for sexual celebrations in the honour of the gods. When the Christianity came to Malta, the pagan feast was replaced by the celebrations of St. Peter and St. Paul. The Knights planted the gardens as their hunting reserve.

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What can be found?

There are a lot of different trees and plants, and a lot of oranges trees. Whenever there are oranges I always pick up few for myself. 
"The gardens contain broadleaved deciduous woodland, native coniferous woodland, with sclerophyllousgarrigue and maquisshrubland, as well as groves of fruit trees.Many different trees and shrubs grow in the gardens, including numerous fruit-bearing trees. One of the greenest areas in Malta, the gardens are at their best in the spring but also provide shade from the harsh mid-summer sun and offer a quiet place for a walk in the winter months."

There is also the Verdala Palace, which serves as the official residence of the president of Malta. Also, some of The Game Of Thrones scenes were filmed there.

This garden is very popular between the locals, and is a great place fir walks. 

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