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Mdina - Video tour around the city

Mdina Malta

If you are visiting Malta remember that Mdina must be on your list to visit. It is a small old city in the middle of the island. It has very nice calming ambient and is known as the "Silent City".

In Roman times it was called Melita. It was transformed in a fortified citadel in the 8th century by the Arabs. The city has a great location and a large part of the island is visible in the distance. It was capital of the island until the Knights of St John arrived. They made their headquarters at the Grand Harbour near Valletta in 1530. However it became the Bishops' See, and remained the seat of the Universita, the government advisory body made up of patricians and the clergy.

The city was damaged in an Earthquake in 1693. A few years later the renovation began and the city was rebuilt. The city has a medieval style with some amazing Baroque buildings. Take a look at what Mdina has to offer today.

I can also take you on a more detailed tour around the Silent City and show you the Game of Thrones filming locations in Mdina and Rabat.

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