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The symbolism behind John Lennon wall in Prague

John Lennon Wall Prague

One of the main tourist attractions in Prague is the John Lennon Wall. It is a wall that can be founded in Mala Strana opposite the French Embassy.

History of John Lennon wall

This wall is owned by The Knights of Malta since 1948 ( I find this fact very interesting). It becomes a John Lennon wall on 8th of December, after the murder of John Lennon, when a portrait of him was painted by an unknown artist, together with some lyrics. Since then it becomes a place for many graffiti, lyrics from Beatles songs, and other designs related to the local and global causes.

In 1988, the John Lennon wall become a source of irritation for the communists, and the reforms they were implementing inspired anger and resistance to the loss of freedom. There were many grievances written by the young Czech and all of that led to a clash between many students and the police near Charles Bridge. This liberalization movement was described as "Lennonism". Fascinating

John Lennon Wall Prague
There are many wonderful quotes written by many people from all around the world.

The wall went under many changes during the years, so even the original portrait of John Lennon is lost under many other layers of paint. The wall was repainted by the authorities, but by the next day, it was again full of poems and flowers.

Today the Wall is a symbol of love, peace, and freedom of speech. Many tourists visit this place on a daily base and write their own poems. I had the opportunity to see the wall when I was in Prague and take some photos. Surely it has to be on your bucket list when you visit Prague.

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