How to stay safe next time you travel?

How to stay safe next time you travel

It seems like we are still far from normal travelling during this pandemic days, but there are many of us who decide to travel anyways. For some it may be a duty, for some to meet the closest friends and family, or to escape on a vacation trip which is needed for all of. However the reasons, now more than ever you might be concerned of your own safety and health. In this post we give you the main points on how to stay safe next time you travel.

Take short trips and plan a simple journey

During this time the best would be if you plan an easy and simple journey on shorter relations. Travelling by a private car is the safest way to travel. You should definitely avoid the public transport, or other crowded transportation. Avoid travelling to big cities as much as possible and wear your mask whenever in public.

Check airlines

If you are travelling by a plane, do it more safely. You should check the airlines guidelines about safety measurements, keep the social distance of minimum 2 m, and keep the hygiene high and constant. Flying is as activity that brings you closer to people carry more risk than driving a car. But the crowded security boarding areas should concern you more than the plane itself.

Pack your pandemic travel toolkit

Pack extra face-masks to wear at airport, on plane and in public, a pocket hand sanitizer and a packet of disinfection wipes. As already mentioned avoid crowded places, don't touch your mouth, nose and ears. Wash your hands regularly and be aware to use your mask properly, by covering your mouth and nose.

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Practice good hygiene

Avoid touching different surfaces and disinfect your hands often. Make it in your habit to wash your hands regularly. Avoid using public restroom, and really use it only if it is a must.

Have a travel insurance

As every traveller you need a plan. It is a bit critical time to be travelling and going to foreign countries. Be sure to find out if your healthcare plan or travel insurance cover COVID 19 related costs.

Here are some basic tips on how to stay safe next time you travel. Try to avoid large towns and small enclosed places. Best would be if you plan your trip on a place surrounded by nature which will give you the opportunity for many outdoor activities. Protect yourself and keep the hygiene to the highest level. Stay safe.

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