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Best Christmas gifts for travellers

Best Christmas gifts for travellers

Christmas is approaching, and I am sure you are excited about the jolly it will bring. It is that nice time of the year when we spoil ourselves and our closest family and friends with gifts and a nice time. Etsy.com has a great offer of unique things that you can give to travel lovers. Here is the list of the best Christmas gifts for travellers.


Engraved Compass Christmas gift
Engraved Compass. A real traveller will surely appreciate a gift like this one. An engraved compass to remind them of someone special. You can choose your own message to engrave. The compass looks amazing and you can find it for a very affordable price. Take a look at the product here.

Wooden map of the world gift travellers
Wooden map of the world. I would love to have this on my wall. I am sure this wooden map comes in puzzled pieces and you will have to solve it and hang it on the wall. It can fit any kind of environment, and perfect for a travellers taste. It comes in different colours and different pins. Check it out here.

Adventure together frame Traveller gift
Adventure together frame. It seems like a cute gift to surprise your travel buddy or your loved one. You need to chose 4 cities, names and significant date to be featured on the piece. To order this click here.

Personalised photo album.
Personalised photo album. We live in the digital era, but the best memories captured in a photo we still print out, frame, or put in an album. This album looks perfect for a wanderlust soul. It is made of leather and you can choose the dimension and the color of the paper. Take a look at the product here.

Travel Diary Christmas gift

Travel diary. This diary looks cute enough for a Christmas present for a traveler to mark down the highlights of the journey or to make the upcoming plans. You can order the diary here.

Personalised flask set
Personalised flask set. This is a set of a flask, very used by travellers, and fabric handkerchiefs. They come in different colours and you can add your personification. Order this product from here

Traveller's dice
Traveller's dice. It can be a great Christmas gift for the adventurous souls. If one is not sure where to or what to do next, they can leave it up to the dices to decide. Order this here.

World Map necklace
World map necklace. The ladies will love this. It is a great symbolic present for somebody who loves to travel, or a person who loves the world itself. There is no mistake in choosing this present and it is quite affordable. To order this necklace press here.

Screech off map of the world
Screech off map of the world. These maps become very popular just recently, and they are amongst the best sellers on Etsy.com. It is a long-lasting present and will keep the receiver of it active and will certainly boost its wanderlust. To make an order click here.
Camping Mug
Camping mug. travellers like hikers will not go anywhere with this type of mug. They are unbreakable and can work liquid on fire. Order this here.

Passport Cover Traveller gift
Passport cover. What do you think of this personalised passport cover? It is a great memorable gift for many years to come. Take a look at the options here.

These are the best Christmas gifts for travellers that I found on Etsy, but the choice of unique presents and things is wide. I truly hope you chose some of these lovely presents. Discover more on Travel Story Post.