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3 Mysteriously Haunted places in Turkey

3 Mysteriously Haunted places in Turkey
Turkey can be titled as one of the most beautiful ancient places in the world with links to ancient Greece, Persia, and Rome. The history of Turkey is very vast and the country is filled with ancient monuments which attract a number of tourists every year.  Speaking of monuments and places to visit in Turkey, there are some places that have been declared haunted for a long time! There are a lot of haunted places in Turkey and some real ghost stories which people have been telling and listening to for ages. So if you have a nag for history with a pinch of horror get ready to know these haunted places in Turkey! Although some of these places are popular tourists attractions some of them are abandoned way back.

1. The haunted Mansion in Istanbul

The haunted Mansion in Istanbul

The construction of the mansion was taking place in 1911. It had red bricks and a huge glass stainless window at the European shore. The mansion is popularly known as Perili Kosk by the locals, which translates to "The Haunted Mansion" from Turkish. The construction of the mansion remained partially unfinished for a very long time. According to the rumors, the men at work who were building the mansion claimed to see the late wife of Ottoman Pasha Yusuf Ziya, who lived there for many years. There are sayings that at times you can also hear the faint piano sound in the building through the dead silence. The mansion is located in Baltalimani Hisar Street, Perili Kosk No. 5 Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey

2. Ghost village of Kayakoy

This village is located at some distance from the tourist resorts located in Fethiye and Olu Deniz. The dark story of this village is the main reason it has been declared and believed to be haunted. The history of the village goes that there was an earthquake years ago which resulted in exiling of many Christians from the place. It is a well-known tourist destination but you will start to feel the chills as soon as you enter the old and empty abandoned buildings and constructions in that village. Many tourists themselves have claimed to have witnessed suspicious figures and occurrences of strange dark shadows in rooms and outside the windows. The village is located in Kayaköy Mahallesi, Fethiye Muğla Province.

3. Topkapi palace

Although the Topkapi palace is one of the largest museums in Turkey which makes it a big tourists attraction, there have been reports by many visitors of seeing some irregular ghostly appearing shadows, The palace is believed that once it was the major residencies of the Ottoman Empires Sultans. The palace is filled with a collection of ancient idols and grand architecture which tells a story of this place itself. Many tourists visit the Topkapi Palace every year just to witness the magnificent historical architecture and the museum. The palace is located in Cankurtaran Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey.

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These are just three out of the many mysteriously haunted places in Turkey. If you love historic places or if you are kind of a ghost hunter, the above places might  surely get to you and give you thrills! Discover more on Travel Story Post.