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Top places to visit in Chicago

Top places to visit in Chicago

Chicago, on Lake Michigan in Illinois, is amongst the largest cities in the U.S.
If it happens that you are visiting this city in the near future here are some top places to visit in Chicago among the many places there are.

1. The Steppenwolf Theatre

What do people get in mind when they hear "Chicago Theater", with its stages closed to the public (for the time being)? It might be disappointing, but now the programming stream is a way to see mind-blowing new theater without leaving the house.

2. 360 CHICAGO

The building formerly known as the John Hancock Center offers views of the city and the surrounding states at a height of 1,030 feet above the streets! The sight from the 94th floor is another level of amazement whether you're a longtime resident or a visitor. Also, go around to enjoy a drink at 360 CHICAGO's bar or wander through some of the interesting exhibits detailing the city's history.

3. The Maggie Daley Park skating ribbon

This is a quarter-mile skating ribbon, which is around the Maggie Daley Park climbing wall. Reservations are needed if one wants to skate in the middle of the skyline on the ice ribbon, so make sure you get one online before you go there. The skating season begins in November and you can bring your own pair of skates or rent one.

4. Art Institute of Chicago

Surrounded by an amazing pair of bronze lions, the Art Institute of Chicago has a permanent collection of more than 300,000 artworks. The Institute is filled with masterpieces from every era, from Georges Seurat’s iconic painting "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" to Andy Warhol's print of actress Elizabeth Taylor. Once it reopens you can check out the "Monet and Chicago" exhibition.

5. Hideout Bars, Dive bars

A tucked-away, industrial stretch of the city. The house with a Vintage Style sign hanging on its opening door isn't open to the public right now, but it's still arranging some notable programming online. Using the platform NoonChorus, visitors are able to get tickets to live events every week and holiday shows by local musicians and artists.

6. Wasabi Restaurants Japanese - Logan Square

A lovely Japanese spot in Logan Square that has the magical steaming bowls of broth and noodles to get yourself warmed up. Sometimes the weather begins to get colder, few dishes like ramen will heat your body and perhaps warm up your soul too. You can also have the famous Original Tonkotsu, featuring Berkshire pork belly and a rich broth that takes almost 40 to 45 hours to make.

That is the list of 6 places to visit in Chicago. You are more than welcome to add more places in the comments below. Discover more about the best travel destinations around the world on Travel Story Post.