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Eat at EAT - for the love of food


In the vibrant culinary scene of Malta, food trucks have gained immense popularity for their delectable offerings and unique dining experiences. Among these gastronomic delights, one stands out for its exceptional flavors, quality ingredients, and commitment to providing a memorable dining experience. Such a place to visit is EAT - for the love of food, as is their slogan. 

Just before you enter Mosta when you are travelling from Burmarad, on the left side you will notice the blue food truck, offering sitting places with a great view, from where you can admire the landscape Malta offers. 

They have a variety of meals offered for very affordable prices. EAT has garnered a loyal following of food enthusiasts who swear by the truck's culinary prowess. The truck's reputation as a must-visit culinary destination is backed by a multitude of rave reviews and satisfied customers. Online platforms and social media are flooded with glowing testimonials about the truck's exceptional food and friendly service.

I was highly recommended the Mac and Cheese, and that is what I ordered on my first visit. Very delicious.

 I highly recommend you to visit this place. There is another food truck in Pembroke, so you may also visit that one. If you have a recommendation for any other place feel free to share. Discover more baout Malta and other places on Travel Story Post