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Karlsruhe Palace - Visit one of the most active history museums in Germany

The biggest impression from Karlsruhe in Germany was Karlsruhe Palace (Karlsruhe Schloss). A palace with one of the most active cultural history museums in Germany.

History of Karlsruhe Palace

It is a palace that was build in 1715 by Charls II William of Baden-Durlach. It is said that he build this palace to find his own peace. From there comes the name of the city Karls-Ruhe, The Piece of Charls. For almost 200 years it served as residence of government of margraves, the electoral princes and grand dukes of Baden and the city of Karlsruhe has grown all around the palace.The very interesting thing is that there are 32 streets radiation out of the palace, creating interesting map of the city. This gives the iconic layout, called "Fächer", or fan.

In 1921 it become home to the Baden State Museum (Badisches Landesmuseum ), which presents art and historical living environments from early history, ancient cultures, Middle Ages ,baroque period and all the way to the 21st century.

I found out that Karlsruhe Palace got its baroque appearance in the second half of the 18th century, after some restorations and extensions were done. I really like how the palace looks from the outside, it is really big and dominant comparing to everything around the city.

Visit to the museum

On my short trip to Karlsruhe I managed to visit the museum and spend a few hours exploring around with my friends. Our friend was our tour guide, and she really helped us with the translation of the written things. Everything was written in German. I have studied the language in high school, but I don't understand anything anymore. Well, some words, yes. I really enjoyed. We went through history of many nations and our ancestors that used to live on this ground. There were a lot of objects, tools and things discovered and exhibited. I was very curious to see everything and touch what I can, even though we were not allowed to. It was clearly showing the hand, do not touch. 

There was much more to see in Karlsruhe Palace and the museum. You will definitely need a few hours to go through everything exhibited for the public. I really like museums and you are more than welcome to share which is the best museum you have ever been. Discover more travel destinations with Travel Story Post.