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Ryanair Flying with baby tips


Flying with a baby for the first time can be exciting, and demanding and can make your family holiday more challenging than usual. You might be overloaded with information about what you need to do and take, and all that can make the whole journey frightening and stressful. If you are with a very positive mindset and are travelling abroad for a few days here are the best Ryanair flying with baby tips to make it easy and cheap.

Do babies travel free on Ryanair?

When you travel with a baby under two years, Ryanair charges a fee of 25 euros for each baby traveling on an adult’s lap. The adult to whom the baby is assigned is the first adult passenger on the booking.

How old does a baby have to be to fly on a plane?

Ryanair accepts flying with a baby aged 8 days to 23 months inclusive.

Can I fly with a 2-month-old baby?

Yes, you can.

Choose seats

Ryanair gives a few different options for choosing seats when flying with a baby. The prices of the seats are from 8 euros in the middle of the plane aisle side, up to 28 euros per seat for extra leg room. If you want to be very comfortable you can go for the extra leg room or front rows, but if you having a seat in the middle of the plane by the window is also not a bad option. If you are a family of two adults and one baby, you can book one of the seats allocated to the baby and one adult as your preference, and the other seat to leave on random allocation. Once on the airplane, you can always ask and hope that somebody will be willing to switch places with you. This is a risky move and you might not be willing to take this step especially if you are flying with a baby for the first time. You would certainly need support from your partner.

Do I need a car seat on a plane?

The official site of Ryanair states the following:

“You can bring a car seat on board for use by an infant or child as long as it is approved for aircraft use and has a 5-point harness. If you are using a car seat for an infant under 2 you will need to purchase a separate seat for them.”

Luggage - Does a diaper bag count as a carry-on?

By traveling with the value fare it is stated that you can not bring a cabbing bag, and you are not entitled to a check-in bag, but you can bring a baby bag up to 5 kg on the plane. This means that you can prepare the diaper bag with the most essential products for your baby free of charge.

Can I bring formula on a plane and is baby food allowed?

Yes, baby food and milk are allowed, but the items will be monitored and even tested.

Can I take a pushchair on Ryanair?

Even though the official site of Ryanair is stated that by booking a ticket for a baby you get two free pieces of equipment, like a pushchair and a car seat, you will still be charged around 15 euros. You can take the pushchair all the way to the start leading to the airplane and it will be waiting for you outside once you land with the plane.

Do I need a priority boarding pass?

From my personal experience, I must say that we had a very pleasant time being at the airport and waiting to board the plane. Everybody was kind, and everybody was giving a priority to us. So, if you are thinking of buying a priority pass because of boarding among the first ones on the plane, I would advise you not to do so, because the priority is given most of the time to families traveling with babies.

I believe that I have answered the most common Ryanair flying with baby questions and have given great tips for your upcoming journey. It is not easy to travel with babies and toddlers, but the crew has always been helpful on our trips.

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