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Visit St Peter’s Pool - Natural pool creation

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St Peter's Pool is one of the highlights of Malta. One of the best places we've been so far. It is a great place to spend a day with family and friends. The place has an adventurous vibe since there are many spots from where you can jump in the sea, as the most exiting thing to do there. In this post, I will tell you why you need to visit St Peter’s Pool how to get there and what to expect.

About St Peter’s Pool

In a nutshell, this is not man made pool, but a nature rocky creation. It is in the South, around a thirty-minute walk from the fishing village Marsaxlokk. The cliffs surrounded this natural pool are great for shades. As bringing an umbrella is not very convenient, this is a great alternative. The amazing thing is seeing the open sea, and many fishing boats. Through the years, the water has created different rock formations, which are creating the pool. A perfect spot for jumping and diving. The water is deep and mostly clear, with a lot of jellyfishes in certain periods of the year.

St Peter's pool Malta sea sky nature cliffs
The view from the top

St Peter's Pool sky sea nature cliffs Malta
Towards the open sea. South East.

 How to get to St Peter's Pool?

Depending on your location and your transport, it offers many ways to reach St Peter’s Pool. The best and fastest way would definitely be by car. There is even a parking place for your car. Be careful with what kind of car you go to, some parts of the road are not good for every car. From Marsaxlokk to St Peter’s Pool, it can take around 10 or 15 minutes. If you are going by bus, the time of arrival is very relative. You will have to take off somewhere in the village, and then continue on foot or get a taxi, which you can find in the village. Having a walk can be very enjoyable, and also tiring. The shortcut takes you through an uphill road, but it offers a wonderful view of Marsaxlokk. I recommend using Google maps, it will show you all the possible ways of getting to St Peter’s Pool.

Marsaxlokk Malta city sea sky
View to Marsaxlokk

St Peter's Pool sea cliffs rocks Malta
This was our spot. Above us, there were rocks from where the people were jumping. it was high enough, you have to climb a wall with a rope to go there. Down the easier option is definitely by jumping.

This is something that you have to think about. The place is rocky, and it is far from the first shops you can find in Marsaxlokk. Consider taking water and something else for drinking. Take some snacks, or make some sandwiches. Sometimes there may be a van where you can find ice cream and cold drinks. It can be located in front of the stairs that lead down to the pool. If you have some kind of canvas can be very useful. That way you can make a shadow near the walls, and create some privacy for yourself and your friends. Don’t forget the snorkels, this is a great place for diving with interesting underwater life to be explored. And bring your courage. As I mentioned before, at St Peter’s Pool there are many spots where you can jump from different highs. Let the adrenaline hit you.

Salt Pans Malta Sky sea
All these rocky formations were covered with salt.

Cliffs Malta nature sea sky
The way to the cliffs and some more privacy.

Cliffs Malta sea sky
Cliffs. Too high, too deep, too blue, too amazing.

Take a walk around

Take a walk around. You will find a wonderful place on the top of the cliffs, overlooking all the other cliffs in the area. Gaze the open endless sea in front of you, or get lost in the blue sky. Around you may find some villas and a lot of places that provide big privacy.  If you still haven't had the opportunity to visit St Peter’s Pool. The day we were there the people were mostly jumping from the high rocks. The water was a bit cold to stay longer in it. It gave me tranquility and joy. I admired nature and all the colors it.


Where is St Peter's Poll located?

St. Peter's Pool is located in the southwestern part of Malta, near the village of Marsaxlokk. It's renowned for its natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and scenic coastal surroundings.

Why is St Peter's Pool an ideal location?

St. Peter's Pool is an ideal location due to its breathtaking natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and serene atmosphere. Nestled near Marsaxlokk in Malta, it offers a perfect blend of tranquility and stunning coastal scenery, making it a sought-after destination for relaxation and enjoyment.

Why is it called St Peter's Pool?

St. Peter's Pool is believed to be named after the nearby St. Peter's Chapel. The chapel, dedicated to St. Peter, stands close to the natural pool, contributing to the nomenclature of this picturesque location in Malta.

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