The best 5 places for diving in Malta

Diving in Malta is a wonderful thing to do . Motivated by the sun and the summer, and the beauty in the water of this Archipelago, I give you some useful info and the best 5 places for diving for your holidays in Malta.

What to expect?

It is said that Malta is a heaven for divers and snorkelers. The reason for this is the clear water, where visibility can reach up to 50 meters depth, and of course the plentiful underwater lives, which gives the opportunity for stunning photographs. All the combination of cliffs and caves, sand and rocks, means that there is enormous diversity of flora and fauna. There are many rock-dwelling creatures like octopuses and urchins. Among other things expect to see breams and flying fishes, stingrays, bogue, parrot fish and sometimes even eels, and the list is long. But besides the natural things, you can also admire the sunken Royal Navy ship and aircraft.

Places for diving in Malta

Anchor Bay

This Bay is a small bay on the north-west of the island. It became very popular because of the Popeye Village. This location is very attractive for the divers because the water is crystal blue and there is a cave, which entrance is at 10 meter and the depth inside the cave is 8 meters. It is known as Scorpion Cave and it has rich marine life. Inside the cave there is very beautiful shaped ceiling, looking like a dome.

The Madonna Statue

On the shores of Cirkewwa under the surface of the water, there can be found a statue of Madonna, sitting in a small cave 18 meters underwater. This statue was donated by a diving club, and it is ideal diving site to visit during your holiday in Malta. The dives here usually start from the shore, through a 1 meter deep pool, and then you can continue diving around to maximum 10 meters depth. After the visit of Madonna, divers can admire some of the rock covered with golden zoanthids. This site is also very popular for diving during the night, and here you can expect to see scorpion fishes, barracuda and maybe even trigger fish.

Santa Maria Caves

Here we talk of one of the most fascinating cave systems in the world. There are around ten caves connected to each other, and they are located on the North side of Comino. The breathtaking view is not excluded, and the connection between the caves forms a exiting swimming through and diving experience. The most exiting site is the connection between two caves, which creates a huge open space that allows you to admire the blue sky. Here you can find different kind of sponges, octopuses, crabs, lobsters and much more.

Reqqa Reef

This point, located on the north, is one of the most popular diving sites on Gozo. As to many other places it will give you the opportunity to see different marine lives, flora and fauna, but the most interesting thing will probably be that the whole underwater wall of the reef is covered with sponges with many small fishes around, going all the way down to 60 meters underwater.

The Blue Hole

Among the biggest tourist attractions is the blue hole on the place of the Azure Window (Which in March 2017 collapsed) in Gozo. This Blue Hole is 14 meters deep and it is connected by a tunnel to the open sea, and there is an entrance taking you to a very large cavern. From the cavern the view to the blue hole is said to be one of the best views. Over here you may met some octopuses and scorpion fishes.

There are much more diving spots around this archipelago, each of them offering something unique, and something to be excited about. You can find many Diving centres that will organise your diving trip and prepare you for it, or simple go for Snorkeling around the sores of the islands, I guarantee you it's amazing.

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