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Beach time on a beach in Ta' Xbiex

Living in Msida makes it very hard to choose on which beach to go. In this part all the beaches are rocky, surrounded by boats and buildings, and all of them are rocky, and that makes them less attractive. Yet people want to go for a refreshing moment down by the sea. However, nestled between St. Manoel Island and the Royal Malta Yacht Park lies the unassuming yet charming Ta-Xbiex Beach, a refreshing escape for those seeking a seaside retreat. I haven’t been in this restaurant, but it has a very nice terrace and interesting view.

people on a beach in Ta' Xbiex

Discover the Hidden Gem of Ta-Xbiex Beach

Ta-Xbiex Beach, offers a unique blend of tranquility and natural beauty. Unlike the crowded rocky beaches in the vicinity, this smaller, less-explored gem provides a serene environment with clear waters perfect for a rejuvenating swim.

For those with a penchant for underwater exploration, Ta-Xbiex Beach offers a delightful surprise beneath its surface. Grab your snorkels and discover a world of vibrant marine life, with glimpses of intriguing fishes swimming in the clear waters. However, if the thought of underwater mysteries gives you pause, fear not; the surface beauty is equally enchanting.

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Ta-Xbiex Beach is a well-kept secret, perfect for locals and fortunate visitors who stumble upon its allure. Whether you're a resident seeking a quick sea bath or a traveler in search of an authentic coastal experience, Ta-Xbiex Beach promises a day of simple pleasures and natural beauty.

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