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Things to buy from Malta

If you think of Malta’s location, it is obvious that it has always been a trading island. Over the years the merchant played a big role in its economy and many handcrafts left models for many souvenirs, which will take your attention. In this country there are a few shopping malls that are not very big, but you can find many brands, and there are many small shops on the streets of the most popular tourist places, offering diversity of things. The open markets are also very popular, and every town has its own timetable. Today in this post I am giving you a list of things to buy from Malta. Surprise your friends and family, and keep a memory for yourself.

Things to buy from Malta

Malta Glass

Here you can find very unique handmade glass. Valletta Glass, Mdina Glass and Gozo Glass are making many different souvenirs for your home, or as a décor for any other place. You will find vases, bowls, perfume bottles, plates, ashtrays, miniature figures and str. Different shape and swirls, and very different colours that reflect the treasures of the island: the blue is for the blue water, the green is for the spring landscape, and the beige for the sand in the summer. There are many shops around the islands that sell this kind of glasses, but you can even visit Ta’Qali Craft Centre where Mdina glass is made, or Ta’Dbeigi craft Village, where Gozo glass is made.


Since the earliest time the pottery has been produced on this island. Witness is nothing more, but the artefacts placed in the archaeological museums, dating from thousands of years BC. Today the modern potters use the traditional, and also modern designs. There are pieces with a range of glazes and different shapes.

Gold and Silver

When you go to Valletta, I am sure you are going to notice all the jewellery shops around. There is even a whole street with nothing else but gold and silver jewels, called St. Lucia’s Street. It is a fact that Maltese artisans have been creating silver handmade items for many years. There are also many filigree makers, and the Maltese Cross may be the best souvenir from your holidays in Malta.

Maltese Lace

Here we talk about real piece of art, the Maltese Lace. In history it used to be very normal to see almost every women making lace in front of their houses. Today this handcraft is becoming very rare, which makes it even more unique, and brings a value to the work. There are many things included, from the smallest handkerchief, bed or table linen, and many other things in different colors and patterns.

Knitted Goods

The knitted woollen goods offer value for money. There are still some women sitting out on the summer evenings, knitting with their needles and working on different items. Very popular are the sweaters for the cold winter days. Another good practical good are the rugs, made of wool or cotton, easy to pack you can take a piece of Maltese tradition, and place it to your home.

Edible things

A theory says that the name of Malta comes from the word “melita”, which is the Greek word for honey. From here we can believe that honey was used long time ago, and it was probably very popular. Today you can find jars of honey on many places, and it does have a different unique taste. It is used in many Maltese dishes, and the jars for selling are often mixed with some other taste, like orange.Other popular edible product is the Gozo cheese, still hand made. There are small rounds of sheep cheese that is called ġbejniet. It can be found covered with herbs or pepper, or it can be served olive oil and sun dried tomatoes. If you have chance try the Maltese Baguette.Malta also produces oil, wines and unusual alcoholic liqueurs. Whatever you decide to buy it will be a memory of Malta, this are the things to buy from Malta, and they are unique only for this marvellous islands.

Have you already visited Malta and bought something from there? If so, what was your favorite thing?

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