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Prague Christmas Street Food

Prague Christmas Street Food Trdlo

While living in the old town of Prague the Christmas Street Food was the main food on my menu. The streets were crowded with many stalls, people selling different and traditional food and a lot of tourists. I must immediately say that not much of a healthy snacks you can find, but mainly meat, and sweets, and beer, wine and again meat. On every corner different smells are spreading and it is simply irresistible. Oh, Trdelnik, and Medovina, Hot apple drink, sausages and many other specialities that you can find on Wenceslas Square and any other square. So many things, to try and to buy. The Old City of Prague was full with thousands of people on a daily base, but I must say that Christmas in Prague was really amazing.

Trdelnik - Cinnamon Pastry

Trdelnik Cinnamon Pastry Prague Street food
 This is probably the most popular pastry in Prague, also known as Trdlo. It is a cinnamon dough, wrapped around cylinder, rolled in sugar and than baked over an open flame on the middle of the streets. The smell is amazing and you will feel it on every corner on every street, and there are different kinds of Trdelnik. You can find a plain one, the one with cream or jam, and other sweet ingredients. They are served fresh and are probably favourite on the Christmas Markets

Medovina - Honey Wine

Medovina Pague STreet Food

 This is a Hot "Honey wine", and is a perfect drink for warming you on the walks around the city. I am not sure how it's made, but it's really great and keeps you warm in the cold days. On the picture you can see some stalls where they sell honey wine and delirious crispy Potato Chips.

Mulled Wine

Mulled red wine

 Isn't this looks like one of the best drinks for the cold weather? It is made of red wine and great spices , sweetened with honey or sugar. You can find mulled wine everywhere, in the restaurants and on the Christmas Markets.

Langose - Fried dough with cheese and ketchup

Langose Fried dough street food

 Langose is also very popular choice to eat while on the go. A fried dough with cheese and ketchup on top. I like this, because it always reminds me of home. In Macedonia we also have this recipe but we call them "Mekici", and we eat them with white cheese or yogurt.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips

 Such a tasty snack. This can be found all around the city. They sell them as on the picture or on a small stick. They are salty and spicy and you should try them.

Melted Cheese

Melted cheese

 Well this tastes as it sounds. It goes great with all the food around and simply brings the cravings want it or not. With a piece of bread it is also a great Prague Street food to try. See all the sausages around. 


 Sausages and meat in general is a very popular choice for Prague Street Food. Truly there are many stalls and vendors that sell sausages and burgers and many other kinds of meat. I really enjoyed it, and I also must I ate a lot even though most of the time I go for something veggie.


Well, I do have the cravings now. Have you tried some of Prague Christmas Street Food? What do you like the most? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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