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Visit London during Christmas season

Leicester Square

If you are planning to visit London during Christmas season here is a list of places you may visit and enjoy your time the best you can.  My journey was a week long, but basically, I had only five days to enjoy the beauty of the city and to spend time with my dear friends. This was my second visit to the big city, and I sow much more than the first time. 

On the first day of my trip, I arrived in London at exactly midnight. My friend picked me up from the airport. My days were spent in Ealing Broadway, Central London, Camden Town, Windsor and the famous London Tube.

Ealing Broadway

Ealing Broadway Street House Londong England

 My friends live in Ealing Broadway, and I really love this neighbourhood. There are many parks, shops and restaurants, and very cute English houses. On my first day, I had a wonderful breakfast treat at Yasham. I had a Lebanese platter, not too spicy, but tasty. Some bleak tea with mint and some baklava. Really delicious.

Shopping on Oxford Street

Oxford Street London

In the late afternoon,  we went for the Black Friday shopping on Oxford Street. I had the feeling that I should experience this kind of shopping in this city, but honestly, I was not impressed. Too many people, and not a very big discount. 

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland London Christmas Market

Winter Wonderland was booked for Sunday. I really enjoyed this fairy tale land. There were too many stalls, selling different Christmas souvenirs, fast food, mulled wine, toys, and many other things you can not even imagine. We spend something like three hours there.

Explore Central London

Central London Street car people urban

On the next day, my friend took me on a daily trip around Central London. I saw a lot that day, and I love the energy of the city. We started with Harrods, we went to Waterstones, from where I bought Conversations with God (Book 3, the one that I miss from my collection). I sow  Piccadilly and Leicester Square, Covent Garden and everything around. I saw Big Ben and the Eye on my previous trip to London, so there were many other things I should see now.

We had a nice Moroccan lunch in a restaurant in Covent Garden. I enjoyed the food.  In the night we ended up in a cinema watching A star is born. This was a very lovely day.

Camden Town

Camden Town London shop

The next day I visited Camden Town. It is famous for its market, so I bought some present from there. The town is so artistic and there were so many things that you can buy. I was very surprised and I really loved it. The shops are selling everything, from vintage things to homemade, Gothic, punk style and many artists. You should definitely visit Camden Town

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

On the day before I traveled back to Malta, I had the opportunity to visit Windsor Castle.  One of the oldest castles in the world which served as a weekend house for the Queen. It was amazing. The rooms were decorated with old antiques, souvenirs and pictures. These things fascinate me. Pity we were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle. 

The Tube 

Tube London Underground Tottenham

You will spend a lot of time on the trains in the underground, which is known as The Tube. It is worth mentioning it since it can really offer a nice experience in some way. There you could see everything and every kind of person. It gives you a lot of time to think how big this city is. 

On my last day of this 7 days trip to London, I didn't have time to go anywhere except toward Standsted airport to catch my flight. This was a wonderful trip and I had a great time with all my friends here. I will try to share more from my experience in my following posts on Trvel Story Post.

You are more than welcome to come up with any questions and recommendations in the comments. 

Have a lovely journey.