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The 5 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

French city Colmar on Christmas Eve.
Traditional old half-timbered houses in the historic city of Colmar. Decorated and lighted during the Christmas season. Alsace. France.

Christmas is that magical time of the year that most of us are excited. It brings so much joy and warmth at homes and on the streets, it brings us the Christmas Markets. A festival for the eyes, the ears, and the soul. In this post, I share with you the 5 Best Christmas Markets in Europe.

Winter Wonderland, London

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas Market in Hyde Park in London and every year it attracts many tourists from around the world. London in general is an amazing place to spend a few days for the Christmas season. The market itself is a real Winter Wonderland with all the sparkles and Christmas lighting around. It offers many attractions, activities, and entertainment.

I had the opportunity to visit Winter Wonderland and I was very excited about the stalls that sell different handcrafted souvenirs. I wanted to buy many things! Surely, you can taste a variety of food and something sweet as a dessert.

The night here is very sparkly from the thousands of lights that hang and Christmas trees all around. The smell of mulled wine and an amazing festive atmosphere.

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Prague Christmas Markets

Christmas Market Prague

Festive spirit on every corner of the old town. Christmas in Prague is a great idea and this I am saying from my personal experience. I lived for a month on Karlova Street, which is the main street in the old town. It is crowded with tourists at this time of the year and it has a great reason for
it. The city has a beauty of its own, but all the Christmas markets around it add a unique festive spirit. All the squares are full of many stalls offering a variety of products like souvenirs, Christmas decorations, and different street food that you would not resist.

The largest Christmas market is located on Wenceslas Square. During the end of November and the whole of December, there are different events and concerts taking place. Every day at 5 pm, the lights on the Christmas tree go on and it sparkles through the night.

Vienna Magic of Advent

Vienna Christmas Market

 “Step into the joy of Christmas with the beautiful streets of Vienna as your backdrop. Punch and
chestnut stands draw customers with seasonal treats and stallholders get shoppers in the Christmas spirit with handcrafted goods.” This is how Austira Info describes the Christmas season in Vienna. For years, this city stands as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe; apparently, there is a magical town
with all the Christmas markets around.

The best Christmas market in the city is Vienna Magic of Advent, which apparently turns the City Hall Square into a “shining fairytale land”. As expected, you may find Christmas gifts and ornaments, decorations, warming drinks, and different food. Many trees with decorations and
many lights shining.

Budapest Christmas Market

The festive Christmas markets in Budapest are a show of young and old talents in many ways. You can find many traditional products made by glass blowing, knitting, woodcarving, pottery, and candle making. All of that can make a lovely Christmas present that you would want to buy. What makes these
markets outstanding is the real focus on trying to keep the authentic Hungarian folk art and tradition offered in the handcrafts. As in every other Christmas market, it is mainly about eating traditional street foods and enjoying the atmosphere.

Strasbourg Christmas Market 

This is one of the oldest Christmas Markets in Europe. It has a history from 500 years ago. With all the hand-painted wooden decorations and shining lights, it is another winter wonderland. This spectacular market is known as “Christkindelsmarik”. Like many other markets, Strasbourg is the most illuminated city in Europe in December and is recognized as the Capital of Christmas. The heart of the market is in Place Broglie and Place de la Cathedrale, which is a lovely medieval square in front of the Gothic cathedral. The atmosphere is unique being that the houses are richly decorated and at night, they shine and give that wonderland a magical experience. The prettiest street in Carre d’Or is especially spectacular, and there is a crystal chandelier hanging in glass boxes above the street rue Des Hallebardes.

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