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4 family friendly destinations in Sweden

Any plans for visiting Sweden? This post will tell you about 4 family-friendly destinations in Sweden that need to be crossed off of your Bucket List.

Sweden is a huge and famously beautiful country – it's prosperous, peaceful and forward-looking. From the temperate summers of cosmopolitan Stockholm to the wintry delights of Lulea, it offers an incredible range of holiday experiences. And, because Swedes are such welcoming people, most cultural attractions are free for children. So if you’re looking for somewhere to take the family at any time of year, you’re sure to find inspiration somewhere in this guide.

4 family friendly destinations Sweden

Lake Cabins

When approaching a new country, a good first question to ask is how do the locals holiday themselves? In Sweden, a large proportion leaves the city and head to their lake cabins. Despite their popularity, there’s certainly no shortage – this is a country with 100,000 inland lakes (not to mention its 7,000 kilometres of coastline). The relaxing effect of sitting by a body of water and watching your stress float away is both a national right and an experience they’re happy to share with visitors.

Those looking for a quiet base for their vacation will find a few better options than a cabin (tastefully outfitted in the Scandinavian style), a wide-open landscape, and a rowboat waiting at the bottom of the path...

Swedish Lapland

For those looking to get more active, of course, Sweden’s north is the perfect playground for snow sports or just indulging in the wintry silliness families in many countries rarely get the chance to share, and because the part of Sweden bordering, Finland is cold all year round, you can bet they’ve long since figured out how to make it fun – while accommodation will be cosy no matter the weather.

Active families can look forward to all the usual stuff like sledging, snowball fights and (for the younger visitor) plentiful Santa’s grotto. But, beyond the basics, those wanting to immerse themselves deeper in uniquely Swedish pastimes can find guides to instruct young and old alike in snowshoeing, ice-fishing and even igloo-building and racing snowmobiles around the ice.


Sweden’s second-largest city is arguably its cultural center and offers a great alternative to Stockholm, the capital.Handily, the government’s policy of making cultural attractions free to under-18s means a family can soak up the heritage without blowing the budget. Among the many things to see and do are museums, art galleries, the country’s largest amusement park, historic buildings, and much more. And, if you head over during August, you can take part in the city’s Culture Festival – which hosts a thousand free events every year.

There’s yet more just outside the city limits: here you’ll find an archipelago of islands where families are welcome to see the local seals in their natural habitat, with cycling and sailing also
on offer.


Sweden’s largest island is a world all of its own where a family can get a real feel for how Swedes lived in the past. The island’s biggest city, Visby, retains much of its medieval character, while also being the
sunniest spot in the country. As well as being another popular destination for Swedes themselves, tourists from further afield will appreciate the landscape – which contains both natural limestone pillars and surprisingly warm and sandy beaches. Many families choose to explore the island via a cycling holiday, and there are ample facilities for camping if you’re keen to get closer to nature.

As with all countries in such northerly latitudes, remember to check weather forecasts and seasonal averages before you go - packing the appropriate clothing is always a vitally important tip to remember.

Here are probably the best 4 family friendly destinations in Sweden. Discover these 8 family holiday destinations in Europe, and more with Travel Story Post.