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Visit Prague in one day

Visit Prague in one day

If you have the chance to visit Prague in one day, then you should consider spending it in the Old Town, with a walk from Charles Bridge all the way up to the Castle. This part of the city is also known as Lesser Town.Since the 9th century, merchants were meeting here, at the crossroads of trade routes. You will see the best of Prague and you will be fascinated by it. Below you will find a short guide, which will be very useful if you visit Prague in one day.

Visit Prague in one day

Wenceslas square

Wenceslas Square Prague Old Town

Located in the Old Town this square takes a big part among the tourist attractions. Here we talk about a very long boulevard surrounded by baroque architecture and different shops. Being that it is Christmas time there are Christmas markets. I am not sure if they are there usually. At the top of the square, there is the national symbol of the country, the statue of St Wenceslas. In the old days, it was used as a horse market.

Old Town Square
Old Town Square Prague Church

Continue your walk towards the Old Town Square,. This one is amazing and it offers many things to enjoy. The main attraction is probably the Astronomical Clock. There are many tourists in front of it taking pictures and waiting for the bell. It is medieval architecture and design, dating from 1410. The moon and the sun are presented and the "The walk of the Apostles". On the right side of it, you will see the church known as "Church of our lady before Tyn". I simply like the Gothic design it has. It is the main church in this part since the 14th century. Around the square you will see many restaurants and bars, so feel free to treat yourself.

Walk on Karlova
Astronomical Clock Prague Old City

If you are standing in front of the Astronomical Clock, take the road that leads you to the left. From there starts Karlova Street. The busiest street in the whole Prague, and sometimes it is very hard to even walk. On the sides of the street, there are many shops, bars, museums, street artists, interesting buildings and so. follow the crowd and it will lead you to the Charles Bridge.

Cross Vltava on Charles Bridge

Walk On Charles Bridge
As I said before, Charles Bridge is a very popular tourist attraction. This bridge dates from the 14th century and was built under the orders of Charles. This was the first bridge that connects the two banks of the Vltava river, and it offered an admiring view of some parts of Prague. Colorful buildings, swans in the river, and many boats. Often there is some artist performing, or playing some nice melody. You will see the statues, and have in mind that there are around 30.
Charles Bridge Prague

Prague Castle

Prague Castle seen from Charles Bridge
Once you reach Mala Strana, head yourself towards the Castle. The Prague Castle is actually not one castle, but many buildings gathered together. The main one, peaking above the others is Saint Vitus Cathedral. This is a Roman Catholic metropolitan Cathedral, a place where the archbishops find each other. This Gothic building is the biggest most important church in the country. Take a walk around and admire the rest of the castle.
Prague Castle

This is a perfect visit Prague in one day tour since all the main attractions are included. Any other recommendation is welcomed, feel free to leave your comment.

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