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Best Christmas destinations in Europe

Best Christmas Destinations in Europe

With the holiday season around the corner, you might be wondering which are the best Christmas destinations in Europe. Twinkling Christmas lights, Santa, hand crafted gifts, spicy gingerbread and warm mulled wine are some of the things you may enjoy along the Christmas season.. Christmas is a holiday of joy and happiness, and people gather together to celebrate their time.

Vienna, Austria
Vienna Austria Christmas destination

It is said that as in many other places the holiday season is the most festive time in the year. It is a city where lights glow from every building and tree. It is full of stalls selling hand crafted gifts, and vendors offering mulled wine, traditional Austrian treats, waffles, sweet chestnuts, bratwurst and many other things. The city as it is has a an amazing architecture, and together with the Christmas vibes it must be great being there.

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague Christmas

Prague is very popular for tourists during Christmas holiday. There are many wonders of this city, and people from all around the world come to enjoy all of it. It really is a Winter Wonderland! I spend a whole December there and I really enjoyed everything there was. Read more about Christmas in Prague.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Christmas is a great period to enjoy the traditional danish treats, like the very popular pancake balls filled with applesauce. The city is full of shining lights, and has great festive spirit, with inventive design and legendary Danish cosiness. With all the Christmas markets and tasteful decorations there is a special kind of atmosphere in the city.

Nuremberg, Germany
Nuremberg Christmas

Apparently there is no better time to visit Nuremberg than during Christmas season. It is than when the city turns into winter fairy-tale. This city is a home of one of the oldest and most spectacular Christmas markets in Germany. It's medieval streets are full with stalls offering toys, gingerbread, wooden carvings, handmade crafts, a lot of food and much more.

London, England

Winter Wonderland

A trip to this capital is a great experience at any time of the year. But during Christmas season it has everything for a perfect jolly holiday, festive events and many Christmas activities, ice scatting spots and the best Christmas markets, fairs and everything else you need for a perfect Christmas Shopping. The Christmas markets in Winter Wonderland is a real treat for everyone feeling the spirit of the season.

What are your plans for his Christmas. Hope you have the opportunity to visit one of this cities and please share your experience.

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