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5 Top countries to visit

5 Top countries to visit. North Macedonia
As traveling is back to normal, and borders of the countries around the world are opening their borders for all the visitors. Now more than ever we will admire the beauty of any other country we visit. Let's be realistic, it has been too much, and this planet is meant to be explored, at least for those who define themselves as travelers. Lonely Planet has created a big list of some of the top countries to be visited in the upcoming year, so here in this post I share with you the 5 top countries to visit.


This country is a tiny piece of Himalayan paradise and is famous as the real life Shangri La. A paradise on Earth, an idyllic beauty and tranquility. This country offers meditative mountain hikes through it's pine-scented monastery crowned hills, where travelers can experience magnificent trails unspoiled by litter, and bad human habits. Bhutan is a kingdom country which still respects it's ancient Buddhist tradition, offering fantastic mix of old and new. As a traveler you must pay a daily fee to visit some parts of the country. It is also the first carbon negative country in the world, and is the first fully organic country. Just by writing this, I want my next journey to be here, to the Shangri la of Bhutan.


The coastline of England is peaceful place where visitors can enjoy more of those tranquil moments. You can enjoy eating the traditional fish and chips, searching the rich marine life, finding old fossils and ancient cliffs, dolphin spotting end enjoy the many picturesque beaches. The kingdom is preparing it's coastline path of 3000 miles, which will be the longest coastline trail, granting access to the country's entire coastline. Seems perfect for a road trip. If you are traveling to England during the Christmas season London is the best place to be.

North Macedonia

Gastronomy, ancient tradition, and amazing natural beauty are some of the things you may enjoy in Macedonia. There is a lot for the adventurers to explore here. The country has the oldest natural lake, Lake Ohrid, which city is under the protection of UNESCO, and it is only the most popular tourist destination, but the country has so much more to offer. Recently High Scardus trail of 495 km has been launched, which offers a trekking along the regions most dramatic peaks, like Kozuf Kozjak or Mavrovo


In the south of Aruba, there is San Nicolas, the cultural hub of the country, which is so colorful, giving the experience of carnivals, where many international and local artists can be found. The country puts a lot of effort for the sustainability, and the island has offered itself to be a testing hub for other countries renewable energy solutions, and is working to implement a ban on all the single use plastics and reef destroying sunscreens.

Eswatini (Swaziland)

Very pleasant country packed with culture adventure and legendary wildlife, this is the most underrated country. The newly named Kingdom of Eswatini has varied landscape within it's parks and natural reserves and it provides many exiting places for people to enjoy, including zip lining, trekking, water rafting or mind blowing rhino encounters.

How amazing. I wish I could book my ticket and leave tomorrow in one of this 5 top countries to visit for the. Did you already choose your favorite destination from this list? Comment bellow and share the places you would love to visit next year.

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