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Things to know before your trip to Malta

  If you have any plans of visiting Malta, I must say that you've made a great choice. It is a wonderful destination to visit and even though it is that small, it has a lot to offer. This is all about the marvelous islands of Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. To find out everything you need to know before visiting Malta keep reading this article.   

Malta Islands

Malta has been a popular destination in the Mediterranean Sea for centuries. This is due to its great location situated in the waters between Europe and North Asia. For many years, it has been connecting people from all around the world. Even though the island is that small (316 sqkm), it is full of diversity. One can find enjoyment in its countryside or seaside, or the small lovely towns or villages. It is very interesting to discover the character of the country. I find it cheerful and colorful. Malta can be very busy at the main tourist locations. Valletta, Sliema and St Julians can be crowded sometimes. If you are for something more calm and rural, there is Gozo, the sister island of Malta, which is only 20 minutes ferry ride from Malta. The country is what it is, also because of its friendly and kind people. The country has a few smaller uninhabited islands like Comino and Filfla, and all together, they are a great tourist destination offering many amusements. One can enjoy its natural beauty and find enjoyment in the walks by the seaside or the cliffs, or there is plenty of history to explore. For those who want the diversity of cultures and nationalities, the island is the right place to visit. 

The Weather

Do you know that Malta has 300 days of sunshine every year? The weather is one of the main reasons people are visiting Malta. There are many ways to enjoy your time with weather like that. Often people go hiking, paddling or diving in the cold months, but when the heat starts, everybody is out by the sea or the pools. Sometimes it gets very hot, so it is bare to breathe. Bear in mind that the humidity is also very high in the months like July and August. I would recommend you to avoid those months for the best experience of the island. Another reason is that these months are the pick of the tourist season so the islands are crowded. The beaches are full, the traffic is jammed and the temperatures are unbearable. 

The History

It fascinates me the fact that Malta has 7000 years of documented history. They have some of the oldest temples dating from the Phoenician time, like Hagar Qim Temples, to wonderful baroque buildings dating from the times of the Knights of the order of St John. Such old houses transformed into museums are Casa Rocca Piccola and Palazzo Parisio. There were many rulers during the time and they all had their impact on the islands. History is well preserved and I like how it blends with the modern life. Many offices run from old buildings up to 400 hundred years old, and many of the buildings in Valletta are now transformed into beautiful luxurious hotels. I must say that the county is one of the first ones from the Roman Empery to transform into Christianity. This is due to the shipwreck of Saint Paul near Malta in the first century AC. It is their Patron Saint and Christianity is well celebrated many days during the year. You can even visit the catacombs in Rabat where Saint Paul used to preach. There are many churches around the islands, which some of them represent such a piece of art, so they attract tourists from every religion. One must visit St John Co-Cathedral in Valletta, which hides great treasure inside, like the painting of Caravaggio "The beheading of St John". 

Valletta trip to Malta


The main island Malta is the place where everything is happening. I would like to start with Valletta, the most beautiful city and the capital of the island. If you don't visit Valletta, you are not visiting Malta. It is a 500 hundred-year-old city that still lives and has an amazing vibe. I love spending time there. Its tiny streets are full of people, shops, bars, and restaurants. It has some of the best museums and gardens that you can visit. It is enough to know that it was a European Capital of Culture in 2018

Another amazing place to visit is the old capital of Malta, known as the Silent City, Mdina. This is totally another story. For the uniqueness of the Maltese style, you should also visit the Three Cities, and the fishing village Marsaxlokk. The central area of Sliema, St Julians and Buggiba upper in the North, are the places with many hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants to enjoy the Maltese Cuisine, and locations to spend crazy nights. Traveling to Gozo you should visit Victoria and its Citadel

Blue Grotto

From all the natural beauty the island offer there are some nice sandy beaches, mainly located in the North, but I do prefer more all the rocky formations and high cliffs. You must visit St Peter's Pool or Blue Grotto, and a whole day must be planned for the Blue Lagoon on Comino. There is a lot as I said. Read more about best attractions in Malta and Gozo.


Accommodation is not a problem. The islands are full of hotels, hostels, villas and Airbnb apartments. Check Booking.com and Tripadvisor for the best offers. Some of the best, but also most expensive hotels are located in Sliema, St Julians, and Valletta, which are a great location for those who want to explore the island in its best way. For those who prefer days spend on a nice beach, they should find accommodation somewhere in the North like Mellieha and Bugibba. For a more rural experience, you should stay in Gozo

I feel like there is still a lot to tell you about visiting Malta. The islands are amazing and hides great things to see. You can find much more on Travel Story Post.